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Will 2020 DE Tuipulotu follow his brother to USC?

Will 2020 DE Tuipulotu follow his brother to USC?

Tuli Tuipulotu is a 2020 defensive end from Lawndale, Calif. HS who has recently blown up as a football recruit.

The 6-foot-3, 240-pounder was first offered a scholarship by Portland State. Then came a scholarship offer from Arizona State. That was followed by Utah and then Oregon.

USC eventually recognized his talent and offered him a scholarship on October 11. Tuipulotu spoke to his brother’s football coach, Kenechi Udeze, about the offer.

“Coach KU, I called him and I just talked to him and he told me what’s up and he told me about it,” Tuipulotu said.

Tuipulotu says this is the first time he’s spoken to a coach at USC since his brother, Marlon, was being recruited there. Despite that, he’s had a close look at the program since his family moved from Oregon to Southern California to follow his brother’s football career. He was at the UNLV game and plans to attend the Colorado game.

“I like the energy of the players,” Tuipulotu said of USC. “I like the family feeling and how they work together and all that.”

Outside of that, Tuipulotu said he doesn’t know enough about the school to list what he likes. He plans to speak with his brother about what USC has to offer.

He also says there’s no rush. Recruiting doesn’t have his attention quite yet.

”It’s as special as any school really,” Tuipulotu said of USC. “Right now, I’m just trying to focus on my season and trying to do the best I can.”

When asked about a potential commitment, Tuipulotu said “I’m probably going to wait for my senior season.”

While he makes a decision, Trojan coaches will be watching him closely this season and next. The purpose is to determine if he’s really a priority for the 2020 class.

Right now, it seems he will be.

“They said they see a lot of potential in me,” Tuipulotu said. “They said that I’m going to keep growing and to keep working and get good grades.”

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