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2020 QB Young: I'm ecstatic to be a Trojan, that won't change

2020 QB Young: I'm ecstatic to be a Trojan, that won't change


Bryce Young is arguably one of the top quarterbacks in the entire 2020 class. Back in July, the product of Santa Ana, Calif. Mater Dei HS made a pledge to USC. At that time, the Trojans were expected to have a strong football season in 2018. Now it looks like that might not happen.

But even if everything falls apart for the Trojans this year, Young isn’t worried at all. He says he’s completely sold on his choice.

“I still feel completely confident,” Young said when asked if USC’s season has him second guessing his pledge. “They’re some young players out there on the field and I don’t feel any struggles. Also it’s still early in the season so i feel like they’re going to get better. Also the coaches there, the culture there, it’s still something I want to be a part of.”

Young says he doesn’t care what the national perception of the program is. He claims he’s found the program for him, regardless of what everyone else thinks.

“Regardless of the struggles or what people see on the outside or the background, I’m still completely in love with the school and the coaching staff,” Young said. “I’m still ecstatic to be a Trojan and that’s not going to change.”

The 5-foot-11, 165-pound junior also feels completely confident in USC’s coaching staff.

“Just because of my relationship with Coach (Bryan) Ellis, Coach (Clay) Helton and Coach (Tee) Martin,” Young said when asked about his confidence in the USC staff. “I’ve been around them for a while, I know how they work and I know Helton has been in this situation before. They always bounce back. I know their coaching style and the culture up there and I’m very confident they’ll be able to turn things around.”

One of the major problems for USC this year has been its offense. USC just couldn’t score enough points against Stanford and Texas. In other games, the offense has stalled or looked plain bad at times. But Young believes everything is on pace to get on track.

“I see a lot of potential,” Young said when asked about the USC offense. “I could see myself in it. I feel like it’s definitely an offense I can fit in and hopefully I can do well in. Even though some people might look at it and say it’s not putting up the craziest numbers in the country. Still, regardless, you have to look at other things, like the plays themselves. There’s a little bit of lack of execution but I have complete confidence in the coaching staff and I know that it’s still an offense I’m excited about.”

So far this season, Young has only been to the UNLV game. His high school football schedule interfered with USC’s games against Washington State and Colorado, but he says he will “for sure” be at USC’s next home game.

When asked if he’s completely done with other schools who want to recruit him, Young says he is.

“It’s great knowing I can focus on Mater Dei, I can focus on the season,” Young said. “I’m completely shut down recruiting wise.”

Even as USC continues to recruit other quarterbacks, Young is unaffected.

“No, like I said, I’m in love with the school in the coaching staff. I knew going into it, in football and life, wherever you go, you’re going to have to compete. I’m at SC and regardless of who’s there, I’m going to have earn my spotted earn my position. I’m in love with the staff and the school and regardless of what happens, I’m going to be a Trojan.”

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