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2020 CB Ayden Hector reviews the pros and cons of USC

2020 CB Ayden Hector reviews the pros and cons of USC


Ayden Hector is a junior cornerback from Eastside Catholic HS in Sammamish, Wash. who made his way down to USC for the game against Colorado.

“USC is obviously one of my top options,” Hector told “So I had to get down to one of their games and this game fit best on my schedule. It definitely was a good choice to turn up this weekend, it was packed.”

The 6-foot-1, 185-pounder was only in Los Angeles for one day but he saw plenty during his trip. Even though he had been on USC’s campus before, this was his first time at a USC game.

“I thought it was electrifying,” Hector said. “The atmosphere, the tradition. Just the whole community, all the fans, all the alumni, the whole audience, The atmosphere was great. I got to see the way the pregame was and the audience. I got to realize what it’s like on game day on campus.”

He also got to catch up with a few USC coaches.

“They were asking leif I was going to be a Trojan or not,” Hector said. “I only got to talk to Coach (Ronnie) Bradford for a quick minute because I only saw him right before the game. So he just said what’s up and he was glad I could make it down there. he had to go to a DB drill so he left pretty quickly.But basically the main message was they want me here and they want me pretty badly. So that was basically there message I got from the coaching staff.”

So is Hector trending towards USC? He says it’s too early to know.

“My recruitment is still wide open so I’m pretty sure I’ll take some time on it,” Hector said. “I think I’m pretty far away from making a decision.”

Rumors are rampant that USC already leads for Hector but he dismisses that as internet talk based on only a few facts.

“I think people think that because both my parents went there,” Hector said. “It was my first offer and it’s obviously a great choice for me to have. It’s one of my top options. But I’m not making any decisions yet.”

He says he doesn’t have top schools and he’ll have to do more research before he gets to that point.

“I think there’s not one thing, I have to see the school as a whole and weigh the pros and cons for each school and see what’s the best fit for me,” Hector said.

So what are the pros and cons of USC?

“I just think there’s a lot of pros to SC,” Hector said. “The cons would be, sure it’s not right at home for my parents, but it’s still an easy flight. The DB roster is filled up. I’m not too worried about the personnel, I’m just pointing out what the possibilities could be. There’s obviously a lot of pros. The atmosphere, the coaching staff. Me and Coach Bradford get along really well, Coach (Clay) Helton is great. There’s a lot of pros for USC.”

Hector will continue his search with visits to Cal and Stanford in the near future. He doesn’t have dates set yet.

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