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USC247.COM publisher denies Ryan Abraham's claim publisher denies Ryan Abraham's claim


Shortly after 2019 St. John Bosco HS CB Chris Steele announced he was backing off his pledge from USC, broke the news that he was actually dropped by the Trojans for being a potential NCAA liability. then revealed reporters Scott Schrader and Ryan Young, of and respectively, were the culprits behind the improper benefits Steele received. This information was based on what publisher Ryan Abraham had told us in a phone conversation. then posted a short clip of an extended audio conversation between Abraham and our publication, implicating both Schrader and Young.

“They approached Gerard (Martinez) and they approached 247( from my understanding,” Abraham said in a conversation that was recorded on August 19 and published two months later. “But I think it was the guy who took over, it was Ryan Young. When I told Gerard that, he was like, that was the guy who tried to sell the Chris Steele video. I think it’s the same person, I think it is. He was running the Florida SEC country site but somehow he was allowed to produce the Chris Steele video. I thought they were going to do it on SEC country. I don’t know why they would, whatever. He ended up spending close to a thousand dollars to produce this video and he had no place to put it. So he was trying to sell it. So Gerard was approached by him, I believe it was him, and then he also tried to sell it to 247( We were like, that’s too much money and you had already broken he was committing. I was like, I can’t make money off this. He wanted to at least get his money back.”

“(Schrader) was allowed to tweet it out and all this shit but everyone already knew what was happening,” Abraham continued after a brief back and forth. “It was definitely not worth paying a thousand dollars for.”

Now, Ryan Young is upset with with the accusation and is firing back.

“You’re confusing me with Zach Abolverdi,” Young told in a text message.

Abolverdi also took to twitter to defend Young, and to dispute Abraham’s claim that Schrader paid him $1,000.

“For the record, I did Chris Steele’s video on my own and Scott Schrader was kind enough to break the news on his website… the right way,” Abolverdi tweeted. “(Ryan Young) had zero involvement with the project and wasn’t even covering USC yet.”

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