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If It's Friday, It's Time For A USC Notes Column

If It's Friday, It's Time For A USC Notes Column

So how is JT Daniels doing?

The Los Angeles Times interviewed his "performance coach" Scot Prohaska about Daniels' inconsistent freshman season.

“Because he came from that high of having so much influence on the program,” Prohaska said, “so much influence on the play-calling and the offensive scheme, and he had so much influence on the players and their development. To have that kind of omnipotency to make decisions, to try to fix things … he doesn’t have any of that right now. And he thinks he has answers to fix things, but he doesn’t have any say over it, any power to do it."

So Daniels thinks he knows more than the USC coaches but is frustrated because he can't do anything about it?

I am easily the most critical media member when it comes to USC coaches. I have consistently pointed out their shortcomings even during two 10-win seasons the past two years when most of the media fawned over Clay Helton.

But I find the above quote offensive. I'm sure Prohaska is speaking on behalf of Daniels (and his father).

If Daniels only called plays, USC would be better? Talk about enforcing the stereotype of the entitled Mater Dei QB.

Maybe Daniels can call plays as soon as he learns how to take a hit. Or learns to be mobile. Or stops underthrowing receivers. Or drops every snap that is not directly in his chest. Or stops eating sunflower seeds on the sideline and supports Jack Sears during his first college start.

It's all a little rich especially when Daniels got his starting job handed back to him on a silver platter after quite a few so-so performances.

Prohaska said Helton will see the light with Daniels now that Helton calls plays.

“Helton will start to realize what he has in JT,” Prohaska said, “Like wow, we can start turning the keys over to this race car pretty soon. It would take a lot longer if it goes through Ellis to Tee to Helton. Now Helton can see it himself, JT’s processing ability."

Turn the keys over the race car? When has the "race car" shown the athletic ability to trust to have the keys?

The scary part of all this is Helton probably agrees even though the article makes him look incompetent.

All of this underscores how Sam Darnold really was a once-in-a-lifetime quarterback: No entourage or stage parents.

And Helton squandered his two years with Darnold.

  • CBS Sports analyst Rick Neuheisel picks Cal to upset USC on Saturday. That's an interesting pick but Neuheisel also picked Colorado to beat the Trojans.

  • Who wants to guess the attendance for Saturday night's game? I predict around 57,000 as the announced figure.

  • I'm starting to notice USC is promoting candidate Iman Marshall, possibly as an All-American candidate. I guess pass-interference penalties do not count.

  • The feds have given the NCAA permission to start investigating college basketball programs who were part of the on-going investigation. USC will be part of that despite previous assurances from Lynn Swann and Andy Enfield that the "Freeh Group" investigated and found no wrongdoing. USC hired the Freeh Group and they had nothing to do with the NCAA.

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