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Three Thoughts: USC-UNLV

Three Thoughts: USC-UNLV


Expectations are way too wild this year

All the talk in the offseason had been about how the USC defense was incredible at every level and how the offense was loaded with experience on the line and skill positions. The one clear flaw everyone could see was that USC had a freshman quarterback. But he’s superhuman and abnormal said your average USC fan.

Of course USC was picked as the Pac-12 South Favorite and given a #15 rating, in part based on all this outrageous reporting. That rating was even too low according to some opinions.

Well where are we now?

USC’s performance against UNLV was one of the most embarrassing performances in the history of Trojan football. UNLV had a losing record last year, plays in the Mountain West and travelled to the Coliseum. Heck, the Rebels are coached by someone who’s in his first college football gig! Yes, Tony Sanchez used to coach high school football and pretty darn recently.

The only game I can think of that was as bad as this one was the 1991 loss to Memphis State.

At least Western Michigan went to the Cotton Bowl the year before last year’s close game. At least the 2001 Utah team was a bowl team. At least that loss to Fresno State in the early 90’s came to a bowl team.

UNLV is probably a very bad football team. Probably one of the worst in the entire country.

So, considering the competition, despite what everyone noted, JT Daniels looked like a freshman quarterback making his first start. The offensive skill players looked average. The offensive line looks like it will underachieve for the seventh year in a row. the defense looked completely average and quite frankly, not athletic for a USC defense.

For those of you pointing to the final score, which yes, looked lopsided, USC entered the fourth quarter in danger of losing to UNLV.

UNLV won’t be good this year. Again, UNLV will be one of the worst teams in the country. USC would have lost to anyone with a pulse on Saturday.

USC’s coaching staff is officially atrocious

USC’s coaches are regularly out coached in football games. It seems that they’re easily overwhelmed and in dire situations. Teams that shouldn’t hang with USC do. Games against top ranked teams turn into blowouts. And all of this happens while the Trojans recruit highly talented high school football players. They just don’t prepare them, develop them or give them the tools to win with play calling.

Did USC seem more talented than UNLV? Nope. If you watched that game and thought USC was clearly more talented, I don’t know what to tell you. USC started with better high school players but then a coaching process began. UNLV was better prepared for this game, had better schemes and better developed players. There isn’t an argument anymore about the USC coaching staff. it’s over. They aren’t up to USC standards.

Don’t let the 43-21 score fool you. USC ran away with a few big plays at the end. That was a dog fight for three quarters.

It’s actually all going to be okay

No really, it is. USC fans shouldn’t fave been excited about this season anyway. Anyone who was objective at all knew it would take a miracle for this USC team to compete at a national level. But in two years, this really could be one of the best teams in the country. It might take some coaching changes, but the young talent really is there. There’s just a big difference between high school talent and college talent. We saw that today. It’s the only reason the game between UNLV and USC was such a dog fight for three quarters. This USC team was just so far from being ready. When the 2018 class is entering their junior year, USC should be ready to be a top 10 team. The two years before that should be considered practice. So stop pulling your hair out. If you still have high expectations, get ready to take some anti-aniexty medication. It’s going to get scary.

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