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5-star Bru McCoy: A bad loss won't impact my feelings about USC

5-star Bru McCoy: A bad loss won't impact my feelings about USC


Bru McCoy is the latest superstar football player at Mater Dei HS in Santa Ana, Calif. The 6-foot-3, 213-pound athlete is wanted by colleges all across the country and is universally recognized as a five-star recruit.

USC is one of those schools that wants McCoy badly. McCoy is being recruited to USC as a linebacker and receiver, with an emphasis on the offensive position. Tee Martin is leading the charge in the recruiting efforts for USC.

This past weekend, McCoy took another step in a journey that will end with a February Signing Day Ceremony. He took an official visit to Texas to watch the Longhorns beat up on USC. The final score was a laughable 37-14 win for the team from the Lone Star State. caught up with McCoy shortly after his official visit to Texas concluded. He remained positive when asked about his impressions of the USC football team.

“From a football standpoint, to be honest, not really,” McCoy said when asked if USC’s loss impacts his college decision at all. “You can’t expect to win every game. It kind of does show that there’s room for improvement. There’s some upside to it. It’s an opportunity to put some new people on the field. Whenever I would go there, maybe they would me more open to just keep trying the young guys out. Obviously Amon-Ra (St. Brown) and JT (Daniels) kind of dominated the game. Amon had like 160-something yards, JT probably threw, I’d guess 280 to 290, around there. If those two are thriving, it’s always good to see. It’s a tough environment to play in for them. I can imagine, with them being that young, to be thrown into the fire the way they were. They did well to an extent.”

While McCoy is looking for the positives and praising his former high school teammates, some USC fans are looking for big changes. The Trojans are off to a 1-2 start and the last two games weren’t very competitive at all.

If some of these USC fans get their way, and staff changes happen before the end of the year, the Trojans could miss out on signing McCoy.

“Yeah,” McCoy said when asked if it could get bad enough at USC for him to second guess considering the Trojans. “I can’t imagine it getting to that point though. Unless coaching start getting fired and things of that nature. But if none of that really transpires. My investment into a college comes from the overall package of the school, not just football. So I would keep that in mind.”

When asked for specifics about coaching changes, McCoy says he would want USC to hold onto Clay Helton and Tee Martin.

“I say that more because it’s tough to go to an unstable coaching staff, to be committed to that school,” McCoy said. “Because that’s not who recruited you. So obviously Coach Helton and Coach Martin. But I don’t see it getting to that point.”

McCoy says he’ll still consider USC, regardless of what happens on the field this year, unless those specific staff changes are made. He also says he’ll definitely take an official visit to USC, although he hasn’t set a date yet. The specifics don’t really matter as he lives so close to the school. Expect McCoy to be back at USC soon, as he says he’ll visit the Trojans (or UCLA) any weekend he doesn’t have an official visit scheduled already.

As for his trip to Austin, McCoy says he throughly enjoyed himself.

“Fortunately enough it was over my bye week,” McCoy said of his official visit to Texas. “So I got some extra time. I headed up Friday morning and got to spend a lot of time around the coaches and stuff, get a feel for the environment. Kind of got to see Austin in it’s entirety. And got to talk to coaches more on a personal level. Kind of get to know them, I met a lot of their family members. Kind of got to know where they come from and what they believe in and how they see Texas football developing. I made friends for the future and I had a really good time. The game and the environment at the game was something special. I mean 103,000 people, sold out, big game against SC. It was definitely electric the whole weekend.”

When asked if Texas was on the rise for him after the visit, McCoy replied “yeah.”

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