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CB Phillips to Bradford: I'm having a dynamic season, I'm worth watching

CB Phillips to Bradford: I'm having a dynamic season, I'm worth watching


Even when USC plays football on a Friday night, a night that obviously conflicts with high school football games, the program attracts top football talent to the Coliseum.

One budding superstar player in attendance was Clark Phillips. 

Phillips is universally recognized as a four-star cornerback, and only as a junior in high school. The 5-foot-10, 180-pound prospect from La Habra, Calif. HS also has the scholarship offers to back up that ranking. Name football programs from all over the country have offered him a scholarship. That list includes two teams that claim more than 10 national titles in Alabama and Notre Dame.

Another double digit national title team might be close to offering him a scholarship as well. 

With Phillips in the Coliseum’s crowd, the USC Trojans defeated the previously undefeated Washington State Cougars 39-36. Afterwards, he spoke to Ronnie Bradford about a potential scholarship offer.

“It was kind of smaller talk,” Phillips told “They were actually kind of rushing out. We had talked to Coach Bradford in the locker room after the game. He told me he needed to watch my film again from week one against Upland. I reminded him that I had an interception against a receiver they’re recruiting in Taj Davis, that I’m having a dynamic season so far and that my film would be pretty worthwhile to watch. I told him that I still want to stay in communication and contact with him. I asked if I could call him soon and he said he would call me actually.”

Even without a scholarship offer in hand, Phillips says USC ranks among his favorite schools.

“Definitely,” Phillips said when asked if USC is one of his top schools. “Just for the simple fact they’re closer to home than some of these schools. I love the SEC, I love the Big Ten. But you just can’t beat it.”

And since Phillips doesn’t plan to make a commitment until much closer to the national signing day in February of 2020, he’s willing to be patient with USC’s staff.

“I think they love my film and everything but they’re pretty loaded in that position and I understand who they’re recruiting also,” Phillips said. “Like Elias Ricks, there’s a couple of us that are really, really good. I think that right now, they’re being very, very conservative with me. I appreciate it. I understand that. It was a great game last night and I can’t wait to stay in contact with a school that’s at the top of my list.”

He’s also clearly rooting for USC to win. That’s even when the Trojans play against a coaching staff who’s offered a scholarship to Phillips. Washington State has actually offered Phillips a scholarship, yet he was referring to USC as “we” after the game.

“It was a great feeling to be there in general,” Phillips said. “I really enjoyed the environment. It was pretty packed out, it was live. And the best thing was that we came out with the victory. I got to talk to Coach Clay Helton and Coach (Ronnie) Bradford and a couple other coaches. it was just a great feeling that we came out with the victory. (California) got to show Washington State who the best is.”

He was also excited to hang out with a few other name recruits. 

“I was hanging out with my boys, my former (St. John) Bosco friends,” Phillips said. “Nathaniel Jones. I call him sand beast. And then Jon-Jon, Jonathan Vaughns. He brother plays (at USC), number 21 (Tyler Vaughns).”

Phillips said he doesn’t have any set plans to return to the Coliseum but he expects to get there multiple times this season. He describes the distance from his house to USC as “a walk down the street.”

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