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Jernagin to visit USC and plan his official

Jernagin to visit USC and plan his official

Isaac Jernagin is a receiver and tailback from Bakersfield, Calif. HS who received a scholarship offer from USC back in June of 2018. The 5-foot-8, 165-pounder says he’s been interested in USC ever since that scholarship offer came, and even before the Trojans recognized his talents.

“I’m pretty high on USC,” Jernagin told “I like the tradition of the school, my favorite player was Reggie Bush and I’ve always been watching them. It always just been there as a powerhouse to me.”

USC is showing a lot of interest as well. He says the Trojan wide receiver coach keeps up with him very regularly.

“The wide receiver coach changed to Keary Colbert, so I’m keeping in contact with him daily,” Jernagin said. “And I’ve just been keeping my relationship with him and with USC, making sure that it’s alway been there.”

He also says he’s in contact with Mike Jinks as well. That’s because the Trojans envision using Jernagin at two different positions.

“Yeah, it’s a big deal,” Jernagin said when asked if USC wanting him at tailback and wide receiver is important. “A lot of people don’t know I can play running back too. I can line up in the slot and run routes and run the ball from behind linemen too.”

Jernagin believes USC could give him an opportunity to create big yardage with those plans.

“Absolutely, I think it opens up the offense a lot more for the program and creates a lot more opportunities for me,” Jernagin said of USC’s new offense.

If the Trojans struggle to explode on offense this year, last year’s struggles might be a this year issue. That could matter to recruits. USC obviously struggled to pull in top talent in the 2019 class. Jernagin says he isn’t worried about this season’s record at all though.

“It doesn’t really matter if they don’t have a good year because it always has a tradition and I’m committing to the program,” Jernagin said. “It’s always going to have that spark, so it really doesn’t matter. You have to look at the program and what they have done.”

He might not even see the football season before making a commitment. Jernagin says he wants to shut everything down well before the fall.

That process will start with some visits this month and in April.

He says he’ll visit USC this week.

“It’s always important when I go up there,” Jernagin said of his upcoming USC visit. “I’m going up there to watch practice and see what’s going on, see the coaching staff and how it’s working and see what the program is looking like.”

Jernagin was last at USC during the football season to watch a few games. But he plans to visit them this week and then again in the near future. While he says he’s unsure of his spring official visit schedule, he does say USC is “going to get one for sure.”

When asked about other schools in contention besides USC, Jernagin mentions Arizona, Arizona State, Colorado, Utah and Utah State. He plans to visit Arizona, Cal, UCLA and Utah in the coming weeks as well. He says these will be his final unofficial visits and he should be ready to make a commitment after his spring official visit schedule.

Its also worth noting that Jernagin runs track in high school. UCLA is the only school that has spoken to him about possibility doing both in college.

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